A video of fine-art photography presents "L'Italia e gli Italiani. Nell'obiettivo dei fotografi Magnum" (Italy and the Italians - through the lens of Magnum Photographers). Several images from the over 400 on display, edited by Magnum, offer an itinerary of photographs, words and sounds to provide a taste of what the exhibition is all about.

The video retraces the nine sections of the exhibition, which aims to represent contemporary Italy through the eyes of nine major international photographers.

A map of Italy introduces the different sections, one per photographer, presented with some significant shots and accompanied by comments and statistical information regarding the chosen themes, in both Italian and English.

The exhibition opens with Christopher Anderson, who focuses his lens on the Sea, the element that surrounds the peninsula and has given life to the history and civilisation of Italy. Donovan Wylie reflects on the New Walls that demarcate town limits, modern boundaries represented by ring roads and flyovers, industrial zones and landfills, marking what is now a completely man-made urban world. Together is the title of the section by Richard Kalvar, who offers a view of what unites Italy, in terms of shared spaces and common gestures that everyone can identify with: such as coffee at the bar, the ferragosto mid-August bank holiday by the sea, enjoying a pizza or the company of grandparents. Mikael Subotzky’s study zooms in on the New Squares, namely the gathering places, from shopping centres to discotheques, which seem to have replaced the old centre of public life - the town square. Mark Power, in his reportage devoted to Historical Places, takes a journey through the treasures of Italy, holder of a record number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In Us, them, Bruce Gilden focuses our minds on the life of the “invisible” people who fill hospitals, prisons, shantytowns and soup kitchens. Harry Gruyaert’s contribution, entitled The Artificial, contemplates the difficult balance sought by modern society between progress and nature. Alex Majoli recalls the Ingenuity, the “savoir faire” found in factories, fields, labs and workshops, combining the very skill and creativity that forms the cornerstone of Italian production. At the end of the video, motion graphics effects take you through the 150 portraits by Paolo Pellegrin contained in the final section of the exhibition, in a video installation complete with audio comments by the girls and boys pictured.

Magnum in Motion "L'Italia e gli Italiani" is a Magnum project supported by Intesa Sanpaolo. The world’s biggest photography agency has many Magnum in Motion videos to its credit, associated with exhibitions and projects in which the agency is involved worldwide.

Magnum in Motion

We also recommend the video made by CONI on the occasion of the display of the exhibition in London’s Casa Italia during the Olympics.